Recommended Reading #1

From time to time I plan to post articles on my blog which draw attention to various publications and products which I have found to be particularly useful over the years. The first in this series is certainly one of the best! Read on for details (and please do consider commenting {below}, if this book is […]

Coming up in March…

I am delighted to confirm that I have been invited to prepare and present a free session on behalf of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Enterprise Team (also known as “SENTA”). Titled “Procuring Your First Website”, I plan to cover a broad range of topics and ideas – all of which should be of particular […]

Following Mounsey Web Consultancy

If you happen to use either Facebook and/or Twitter you are welcome to check out and (optionally) “Follow” my accounts on there. Follow @mounsey I “Tweet” on a daily basis under the username of @mounsey and you’ll also find regular updates on the Facebook page for Mounsey Web Consultancy. Finally… for free tips and news on popular digital marketing […]