Introducing “SheffStuff”

SheffStuff is a new spin-off (ad)venture from Mounsey Web Consultancy Launching with the *exclusive* “Blades Week” T-Shirt, I plan to periodically release additional products in the future – all of which will be in some way inspired by Sheffield. Pre-Christmas stock of the launch product is very limited. So, if you have any Sheffield United football club […]

It’s almost time…

… for the ALL NEW Mounsey Web Consultancy Website to launch! If you have yet to do so, please sign-up over on – and that way you’ll be one of the first to know when I have finally completed my new Site. With being so busy on client work, it has proved to be […] – update!

OK. So what used to be something of a joke (roughly along the lines of “Did you hear the one about the Website designer who didn’t have his own Website.. ?”) has long since turned into something of a personal embarrassment! (i.e. there still being no main Website for Mounsey Web Consultancy). I still believe that I […]

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