OK, make that the 2nd!

Ahh… the best-laid plans and all that. It is with some degree of frustration that I announce the slight deferment of the launch of mounsey.co.uk. Again. Earlier today (1st December) I was advised of an important system upgrade – that was recommended (and will in due course also be enforced) by my own Hosting suppliers. This immediately had […]

Mounsey.co.uk *relaunching December 1st!*

Yes, regular readers – your eyes are NOT deceiving you! In between a small mountain (or large hill?) of project/client work that I’m on with, the finishing touches are also being applied to the eagerly awaited NEW WEBSITE for Mounsey Web Consultancy. After a few false starts before now, I’ve decided to put a firm […]

A new home: Welcome to mounsey.blog

As you may have noticed, the Mounsey Web Consultancy blog now has a brand-new home – mounsey.blog! Although a fairly low priority, I was never entirely happy with the former Domain name (mounsey.org.uk) and yet felt certain that I had made the correct decision to keep the blog separate from my main Website (the imminently arriving mounsey.co.uk). […]

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