What do YOU think..?

If you have read any of my articles here on mounsey.blog, but have a different (or extended) take on the topic, I’m all ears! For sp@m-prevention purposes the built-in WordPress “Comments” function has been disabled. However, you can now get in touch by using the newly-installed “Feedback” page. I look forward to hearing from you. John

A demonstration slider

So, what is a “Slider”..? For those unaware of the terminology, a web “slider” is a group of large format images, typically located at the top of a web page. They “slide” in or across the page and are designed to promote different pages and/or messages. Handled well, they can draw the viewer in. Done […]

Mounsey.co.uk is LIVE! LIVE!! LIVE!!!

The wait is FINALLY over. Please pop over to mounsey.co.uk and take a look around the comprehensively renovated and reimagined business Website for Mounsey Web Consultancy. As always all feedback is gratefully received (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!). I look forward to hearing what people make of it – thanks in advance for […]