Sister Sites – an Overview

Just a quick one… For anyone new to this Website / Blog, you might also be interested in visiting some of my other online destinations (of which there are plenty!). Here’s a brief introduction to some of the key ones: – The main/official Website for my business (Mounsey Web Consultancy) – My fledgling eCommerce demonstration Website (powered […]

Under Construction: Projects Update

Sorry for the long gap between posts, here on my business blog. Over the past few months I have been busy beavering away on a number of projects – including updates and upgrades for existing customers, coupled with development work on all-new Websites for new clients. A key one of these (which features a highly customised version […] Goes Live!

Mounsey Web Consultancy is delighted to formally announce the completion and successful launch of an all-new Website for Groundplay Limited. The Website has been built using WordPress and features numerous photographs taken by the Client, showcasing the broad range of installation services available from the company. Groundplay specialise in outdoor recreational equipment – including (but not limited […]