#BlackFriday Madness

Bargain Hunters of Britain Rejoicing.. Police called to branches of Tesco (and other major High Street stores).. Arrests made.. Major Websites brought to their knees and (in some cases) crashing.. Yes, it can only be the madness that is “Black Friday” (and in a mere days, more of the same with the upcoming “Cyber Monday”. Be warned.. […]

“Build it and They Won’t Necessarily Come..”

In today’s digital landscape dominated by Social Networks and Mobile Apps, I remain a staunch supporter of (and believer in) the equal importance of so-called “traditional” Website Design and Development. Text, images, links and navigation menus. The “brass tacks”, if you like, of any Website. Possessing and promoting an effective Website should still form a key part […]

Mounsey Web Consultancy on Google+

Just a (very) quick note to mention that I have recently relaunched my business page on Google+. In order to lessen the amount of potentially repetitive content, I tend to post less frequently (on Google+) at the present time, but if you would like to “Follow” Mounsey Web Consultancy on Google’s emerging Social Network, you’ll find me here: https://plus.google.com/+MounseyCoUk-Web-Consultancy/posts […]