So Much Time and So Little To Do…

“Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.” On the contrary, there is a lot to do here at Mounsey Web Consultancy at the moment – but fortunately just about enough hours in the day/week to do it in! I am on the brink (as of 5th September) of publishing my latest Client Website (for a specialist practitioner in […]

A Much Needed (Eye!) Break

In late August I managed to “escape” for a handful of days up to the consistently beautiful Northumberland Coast (a few miles south of the seaside town of Seahouses). A good time was had by all and with next to no phone (let alone internet..) access, it also provided a welcome break for my increasingly bloodshot eyes! […]

Website Update (

Unfortunately my continuous heavy workload has resulted in a further delay with the completion of the all-new “”… However, I have allocated some much-needed time for the completion and testing of the “New” Site – so all being well it should finally see light of day in early-mid June (2014..!). News of the launch will […]