How to embed a Tweet

Did you know that you can embed any Tweet on your own Website? Well, you can – and it’s easy. Here’s an example: Dreaming of running your own online shop? (or have already launched one, but with disappointing results..?) call @mounsey on 07969169888 — John Mounsey (@mounsey) May 28, 2015 That’s cool. But how? You’ll be pleased […]

Sister Sites – an Overview

Just a quick one… For anyone new to this Website / Blog, you might also be interested in visiting some of my other online destinations (of which there are plenty!). Here’s a brief introduction to some of the key ones: – The main/official Website for my business (Mounsey Web Consultancy) – My fledgling eCommerce demonstration Website (powered […]

Under Construction: Projects Update

Sorry for the long gap between posts, here on my business blog. Over the past few months I have been busy beavering away on a number of projects – including updates and upgrades for existing customers, coupled with development work on all-new Websites for new clients. A key one of these (which features a highly customised version […]