Training and meetings hardware upgraded

I have recently (today!) invested in a stunning new piece of portable hardware, which I will be using routinely for all meetings, presentations and training sessions from this point onwards* I see this long-planned development as a key investment in my business and have been deliberating for some time over which “direction” to head in, […]

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

I’ve invested some time recently gradually expanding the content on my main Website – This includes a partial expansion of the existing Digital Marketing Services page – and an introduction to my Search Engine Optimisation services (commonly known as “SEO”). There’s plenty more to come – but I hope you find the recently added content informative. If you are […]

Google Apps For Work

Having finally taken the plunge earlier this year to upgrade from the “Free” version of Gmail – to “Google Apps For Work“, I cannot recommend the service highly enough. I had been using Gmail and many of the other tools provided by Google (notably Google Calendar and Google Maps) extensively for many years, but had cautiously held back […]